About Us

At MacWallace, our dogs are raised to be part of the family, and family members don't come from concrete kennels. We believe that every Cardigan should be true to their roots as the "all-purpose farm dog," even though that sometimes means investigating barks at 3:00 am or accepting the gift of a critter they managed to catch!

We are committed to breeding only the highest quality. 
I am a life-long Cardi lover and the 2nd-generation Cardi breeder.  I am blessed to be the daughter of Ellie Macnair, Cardigan breeder for nearly 40 years, founder of Pooh's Corner Cardigans, and recipient of the Gaines Medal for Excellence in Sportsmanship.

Elizabeth has bred scores of AKC Champions and performance titled dogs, achieving titles in herding, obedience, agility, and tracking.  She has judged Sweepstakes events at Cardigan specialties, including the National Specialty.

Most recently, Elizabeth received the Silver Bred-By Champion Award from the AKC for acheiving five Bred-By Champions in five years (and is hard at work on that Gold!) and won Best of Breed at the Cardigan National Specialty with BISS Shamrock's Faith Hill.  Elizabeth expects to submit for her AKC Judging License for Cardigans in just a few months.

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